A Thought About Corrosive Pressure

warning-caustic (1)“If you love it, let it go.”

I completely disagree.
I propose:
If you love it, love it until it comes crashing and burning down in metaphorical flames. Then build it from the foundation up.
Naturally, don’t try this with people, and make sure you’ve got that foundation built correctly.

This was a point of view that came into my head several months ago that I wrote down.  I write songs.  I write lyrics and poetry so often that sometimes words come to my head without me understanding what they mean. Some of it is just junk, but the other part helps me understand what I’m feeling. Sometimes It takes me days to think about it and figure out what I was trying to express.  This one came from someone else’s life.  I had spoken with a girl who expressed her worry about her relationship; she was being pushed and manipulated.

When I asked her about her plan to change this, she wasn’t able to say much.  ‘Maybe something will change,’ she said.  She still waits.

I was a little bothered about these situations that are not rare to see, so, as always, I wrote down the feeling. After much thought, I was still unable to figure out what I was trying to express in the statement, I asked a friend (Alex LeTerneau) about it.   He said we should always improve our talents, but, with people, pushing brings negative results.

“Don’t try and burn out people,” LeTerneau said. “Love them well, love them sustainably. Dont become obsessive or caustic, otherwise the relationship will die.”

Caustic? I asked.

“Literally, it means corrosive, acidic. In this instance, toxic or detrimental, actively wearing down your relationship through excessive passion.”

His words intrigued me.  Do we, out of impatience, want to squeeze everything we can out of an opportunity?  We should always in the sense of our hobbies and interests.  When we have a passion, our desire to obtain it should push us forward constantly. It can help us apply ourselves and work our hands to the bone if necessary.

The thing we always need to remember is this: never impose our will upon another, and don’t give too much of yourself to a person all at once.

In short, my message today is to be persistent in your desire to become better, but in relationships, don’t push the other down with persistent desire.



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