Original Song: Hay Esperanza En La Ancla (There’s Hope In The Anchor)


Some days are harder than others. As the time goes on, we feel that we are getting weaker, but we forget that it is actually the opposition that makes us stronger.  Life will always be worth its ups and downs because those are the things that strengthen us over time.

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I heard a story about a man who, on his way to work, spotted a small tree that started growing on the side of a hill with frequent heavy wind.  Every day, the wind pressed on the tree and pushed as it bent until nearly buckling.  It seemed that the tree should have been torn out of its impossible home.  Soon, the man began to ask himself what kept that tree in place so well. One day, he decided to hike up the hill to investigate.

As he approached the lookout that was just above the skinny tree, the wind nearly blew off his favorite black golf hat. After a surprised grab to his head, he continued to walk toward the edge. He could see the tips of the branches.  Green as any other tree, he saw no difference.  He pushed his chest up to the railing and bent down toward the tree and stared at the trunk.  It was just like any other tree of its type.  So what could have made the difference?  How was it so strong and able to withstand that heavy wind?

He looked at the dirt and hardened earth that was around the tree’s trunk.  As he squinted, he began to see darker spots where the earth appeared to be raised. The dark lines reached out a great distance around the tree, and some even stuck above the surface of the dirt. Suddenly  he stretched out his neck and tilted his head in wonder.  Are those… roots?

Of course.  It made sense.  The constant work that the tree had to put forward while it was growing must have encouraged the tree to strengthen himself since its early years.  Its roots dug and grew well into the earth and tried to cover as much of the land that it could in the hard ground.  It wasn’t the greatest of locations for a tree to grow, but nature did what it could, and the tree continued to stand as an emblem that location doesn’t decide one’s inner strength.

This song was written to help us remember that there are many factors that are overlooked when we need strength.  Sometimes we just need to remember who is around and what we already know that will help us keep moving forward through the wind or the struggle.

Think of the things in your own life as you listen to this song: What are my anchors? Where can I find strength?

I invite you to ponder this thought and post a couple in the comments section.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

So you say
You left me all alone
Hanging on the edge of love
So you say…
And you said
Your’re dreaming of yourself
You’re flying through these crowded streets of life
But you’re not alone

Because I’ve seen angels
They’ve lifted me before
And a hundred miles to
Walk with them doesn’t
Seem that far to go
And everyone is on your side
Their faith in you is full
There’s a lot of prayer going out for you
So don’t give up your hope

So in stead,
You’re hearing all these sounds
You feel like there’s a cloud of pain
But inside,
There’s only fear to find
So look out for a helping hand and fight
Hold on tight

Just In time
You’re helping all your friends
In a moment of such desperate need
You’re there
lifting up their hands
Just in time
I know you lifted mine

You were my Angel
You lifted up my world
And all the while I’ve felt your love
Now it means much more
I could feel the change ease my pain
And heal my wounded soul
You were there when I needed you
I was the heart you stole


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