Original Song: I Will Give The Best Of Me


Failure after failure, we sometimes feel we aren’t capable of something. Later, we lose our motivation and want to give up.  Some people look to religion, and some people look to those around them for support. Either way, there is almost always someone who is willing to help a friend in need.  This post is an original song called  “I Will Give The Best Of Me.”  The lyrics are posted on the youTube page and written below.  Enjoy!


I wrote an acoustic guitar song about a close friend who was going through trouble and finding herself inadecuate.  She often feels that she falls short of what she wants to be, so I wrote this to help her remember that there is always someone to help her accomplish what she needs after she gives her best efforts.  Please feel free to leave comments here or on youtube. I would be more than happy to consider any comments or suggestions to improve the song or even my songwriting abilty.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m enough
Sometimes I feel out of touch
So I guess the only
Thing to say is
I need your love

Hey you, you’re right in front of me
I’m sorry, for the things I’ve done
I’m sorry, so I’m here to right my wrongs
I hope it’s not too late….

I´m not like other people
I cant be who you want me to be
You love me no matter what I do
So how can I ever live up to you
I know I give my best but
Sometimes I get depressed
I can do all I can
Will you make up the rest?

I sometimes look at who I am
And I get so angry
I start to wonder where to turn
And I find it’s right in front of me
So I guess the only thing to say is
I need your love

Hey child, right in front of me
I want you to know that I’m listening
And what you’ve done
Is something you’re not
So lift yourself up
Put yourself back on your feet
It’s time to come home
To me
And just so you know
It’s not too late.


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