P3 Activity: Photography

Light 1: Outside


Light 2: Light Inside


Focus 1: Foreground


Focus 2: Background


Composition 1: Rule of Thirds (And Lead Room)


Composition 2: Lead Room


I hardly ever take pictures, so I felt a little strange holding a camera–especially one that isn’t my own–but it was great for me to learn some basics and try to feel more comfortable taking pictures.  The first image was to experiment with light where we would focus first on the sky and hold the button halfway down, then after preparing the subject, pressing it the rest of the way down.  This was something new to me, and I was surprised that the camera caught the blue at all on such a snowy and cloudy day.  In photoshop, I experimented with the spot healing tool and removed the distracting street lamps and crosswalk signs. The second is of my acoustic guitar and my roommate’s ukelele, which we lighted with the two flashlights and one iPhone in the house.

The third and fourth pictures were difficult on the camera I used. There was no macro setting, so I had to use the same process as the first photo of focusing on the background first and holding the button halfway, and experiment with things like that.  I learned that there needs to be more distance between the background and foreground for it to work well.  I will experiment with this more in the future.  The fifth photo consists of things that were on the kitchen table (which are kind of strange… there was a textbook just sitting there as well that matched the red yellow and blue of the containers–you can see that on the bottom left), and the sixth was my roommate. There were no grid lines on the camera, (seems like a common theme in this post) so I placed his eyes and glasses as close as I could to the upper third line, and made sure he was on one side and facing inward to allow lead room.


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