Project 8: Brochure



front brochure
Front, closed
inside brochure
Inside, open
back brochure


A two sided (offset) folding brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

After an hour or so of making sketches of a logo, I brought the design to Illustrator and used the pen tool and ellipse tool to make the shapes.  I sketched a few designs on paper for the layout and finally settled on one that I knew would be frustrating to me, but I was interested in trying to make it work. After making the layout in Adobe InDesign, I added in the actual content.

I used a few custom shapes in InDesign with the pen tool for the inside. The images I used were intended to display the products and services available.

For the guitar and drum set, I used Adobe Photoshop’s ‘quick selection tool’ to edit out the backgrounds and masking tool and paint brush to select a better edge.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop

Message: The products and services that Guitar World can provide.

Audience: Musicians, All skill levels, those looking for instruments or lessons.

Top Thing Learned: Text wraping in InDesign.

Color scheme and color names: Big Split Complementary: Teal, Gold, Indigo, Violet

Title Font Name & Category: Quaint Gothic SG OT – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Calibri – Sans Serif

Word count: 278 words

Thumbnails of Images used:

Sources (Links to images on original websites):




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  1. I really liked the design of your brochure, I thought that it was really cool how you cut out the middle of the record to display your logo. I really like how you made the front look like a record player, I thought that was really creative. It was a little hard to read the yellow text, but I’m sure its easier on paper and not on the screen. Great job on your project!
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