Visual Media Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections / Time spent:  3 Hours total – I fixed the layout of the photography project, experimenting also with different color schemes because originally, the viewer would look in the wrong place first and also be distracted by the wrong words. I wanted better readability and consistency in the text. (1.5 hours)

I also fixed the text in the montage project by moving, adding darkened background to the text, and changing the size of some of the lettering so it was equally emphasized. (1.5 hours)

The message in general is that I have a portfolio of my work. The child-like theme relates to reflections of childhood fears, whether in myself or others, and that they can be overcome.

Audience: Potential employers seeking designers

Top Thing Learned:
Brainstorming and preparation stages, such as sketching, are extremely important in designing. Not only can you create more innovative designs, but you can also make them look better.

Future application of Visual Media: I will seek opportunities to improve my skills while helping others to accomplish their goals and needs as I can be of use. I will also use these skills to create some of my own content and media. I will create designs and logos for vinyl use in a possible graphic and vector business.

Color scheme and color names:
Split Complementary Blue, Brick, and Gold

Title Font Name & Category: Lucida Sans, Oldstyle font

Copy Font Name & Category: Footlight MT Light, Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images used: N/A

Sources (Links to images on original websites / with title of site):
I decided to make all of the portfolio’s design with illustrator. I did not use any files from outside sources.


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