Original Poem: Make America America’s Friend Again

Better to steer clear of these fake friends that want to be my frenemies,
But these people turning on each other seems to me to be that they must be no friend of me
Words burning holes in their hearts, killing the peace between us with bitter thoughts
So why are we building hatred?
Whatever happened to stifling racism?
Are we even trying anymore?
Seems like this election started up some kind of twisted war
Where people misinterpret and think it okay to slam doors
Metaphorically in each others faces and no questions asked, putting the “mine before yours.”

We wave a flag to surrender our empty hands
To a better cause to “Make America peaceful again”
I’m not saying its anyone’s fault that all this started
I’m only saying that it’s our responsibility to not be a part of it.

I solemnly proclaim that my intention and aim
Is never to cheat, steal, lie, or even to manipulate and get gain
Should be saying, “Everyone, I love you.” So Does that really seem strange?
Ain’t the whole purpose of unity to be a part of the same game instead of playing a blame game that leads to a defame chain such as a name shame?

If United we stand, our States could stand tall but now we are all back on the ground now, decelerated with hatred, slowing down to a slow crawl.

So when we turn on each other we become divided, and all we need to do is stop fighting,
Put our enemies in different light, maybe then we’ll check the sights
Understand that we weren’t right, and finally re-aim and find that our fear is what held flight,
We could have found friends instead of snuffing out the only one fire in a cold night

Honestly and quite frankly, a few of my friends aren’t even from here,
A couple others are close to me, but judged “for being some queer”
But way things are headed is You and Me forgetting
That we’re all individuals facing the same issues

Love, family, money, and only living by each week,
Food, Shelter, and Clothing is all we need, but is it really all that human if we turn the other cheek?
Some people look the other way, Dish dirt and feed ’em it
So, through painful words and actions, it isn’t them alone now hurtin’ then is it?

You’ve been hurting inside now, too, just expressing a different way
Than a bruise on your cheek or a scab on your face
I’m sure somebody before you didn’t treat you right
So now you pass it on like you’re paying it back now, right?

Please take a second and reconsider yours and their rights
Maybe reflect a moment on how you could follow a different life
Maybe consider the ones that you’ve been abusing and accusing of stealing your second source of paying for your dinner tonight?

Listen, I apologize if you took this literal, (this rhyme, it’s hardly lyrical)
Because I never meant to get hypocritical or so political
But it seemed so sensible to be over comprehensible and speak clear for you to see on how we could all use a little bit more empathy

And empathy,
It’s a friendly thing.
And a friend of you
Is a friend of me.

So regardless of the way we see,

Just promise me,
You’ll at least pretend to be.

on “Not political. Just promotional. #MakeAmericaAmericasFriendAgain

(Design by Me, Photo from Unsplash.com)



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