Contrast in Size and Color, Reverse Engineer


I searched through a few artists on google, laughing about the great amount of puns that are found in design portfolios. After procrastinating a while, I stumbled across a portfolio website called It had a lot of great vector illustration, but something about this particular illustration stuck out to me. It’s mostly because I’m still trying to interpret some deeper message because of what you can see in the puddle reflections.


One of the interesting things about this illustration is its contrast. Since the light source is coming from the back, the majority of shadows are in the foreground. Look at how much the solid black color was used as shadow on the figures (shown in red). This seems to add a lot of contrast on the individual figures, as well as helps the foreground and background area, which makes the focal point stand out from the rest of the picture.  

3-figures-compared_chop-figures-compareContrast in object size: The objects that are closest to the viewer are much larger, which also creates a visual hierarchy and focus, as well as showing perspective. The main focus is the boy in the yellow shirt as the largest figure with the most emphasis, and the children in the back are much smaller, but almost equal in size to the buildings because of the suggested distance from the viewer. There is also another figure directly below the ball that is close to the same size as the main figure. It seems to suggest that he is visualizing himself celebrating. The whole image inside of the puddle, aside from being blue, is much darker than the rest of the figures and has very little detail.

6-visual-leads-arrows_trace-what-points-2-focalUnity and organization: The clouds in the background all seem to point toward the center of the picture (red), helping the eyes to be led back to the focal point. Since all the figures are facing the main figure (purple), it helps lead the eye back to the focal point instead of off the page. Even the hands of the puddle are pointing at the focal point. (Yellow).


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