My Gig Poster: Backwards to Paradise – Smell the Roses


This project was painful. There was a total of 4 times restarting until finally, I was able to feel confident to move forward. A whole week was spent deciding how to go about expressing this idea.

Backwards to Paradise would be a Rap infused Rocktronic band, heavily focused on lyrics and symbolism. One of the main inspirations in this design was the band Lovedrug, which is a mix of a few different genres. Muse and Radiohead are some of their influences.

In order for you to understand the pain in this process, I would like to simply share where I was at the end of the first week.


The reason I was only this far was because of this obstacle:


How can I make this hair turn into a wave, and then where do I go from here? And how do I make this mess be less of a mess?

The thing that I found most odd was that the only thing missing was to start adding text, and giving the design some shape. Once I had the general idea of the layout for the band name, location, etc. I was able to start forming the rest.

I had made this flower by looking at a photo, then started on some clouds. I wanted it to be struck by lightning. It was my fourth idea that I found to be somewhat of a cop out, but I was worried that I would never commit. I also gave up on this idea because I hated where it was going. But it paid off in the end. This flower was used in the final.


Sometimes you have to take a strange path to get to where you need to go. Sometimes starting over is needed so that it can all come together, and finally you can use what you have learned or made and add those ideas to your original idea, which was fine in the first place, but just needed some time to grow and mature.


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