My Stickers: Music, Medicine, and Chicken

lizard1 lizard2 lizard3 lizard4 lizard5 lizard6 lizard7-maybe lizard8final-jpeg
My goal in this project was to create some stickers that relate to me and show a part of who I am. When  I sat down to brainstorm, the first thing was a gecko. Then music. So I combined the two.


The music and band aid started because at work, I pass meds and do other small medical things for the clients I take care of. So, music and medicine.jpeg-sticker-1

The bomb chicken came from a conversation that my brother and I were having while I was in the long and tedious process with the pen tool. We were talking about adobe illustrator being a great program. I said “Dude, Illustrator is the best. It is the bomb… chicken.” (chicken was an inside joke and completely unrelated)

Then my mind went crazy and I started drawing what a “bomb chicken” would look like.


This Project was definitely the most fun for me. I looked at a lot of pictures of geckos, iguanas, and other animals to get a general idea of their shapes and what makes them recognizable. My first attempt was just following a picture the best I could, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

I tried several other methods, but found that the best was just to look for bits and pieces of the lizards and then draw that part of the body, but modified to the position that I wanted. I drew out a few different animals, including an iguana and a crocodile, but I will have to pursue the iguana and crocodile in the near future.


After I had prepared the sketches as a base for the digital, I started making the shapes. Nearly all of my shapes were made with the pen tool, so nearly all of them are organic, which was very time consuming, but definitely a great way to learn how shadow can change the 3d feel of something on a 2d plane.

First attempt of gecko from a different sketch. Guitar was traced from a picture I took of myself.

The reason that these three items are related and I consider them a set is because all three things are symbolic to me.

Band Aid – music is very important to me and is a “bandage for my soul.”

Chicken – my childhood. My parents give me things like pillowcases and hot pads with chickens on them because of the inside joke that my family refers to a lot.

Geckos – an animal that I relate to. I write poetry, and I often refer to how a gecko can let go of its tail, which is like my natural flight response which I am trying to improve. Sometimes I leave a piece of me with the person I am running from.

Although they seem very random, I feel that they meet my goal in showing some of who I am. That’s what’s important to me.

Thanks for reading.


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