My T-Shirt Design: Tomatoes Are The Worst Unless They’re From Dream Land

The Maxim Tomato

Original Maxim Tomato from SNES “Kirby’s Dream Land” 
Consumption of this tomato causes full recovery of health.


I have found that ideas appear at random moments 6-tomatoand require some time to form. These were some of the steps taken to form this tomato from Kirby’s Dream Land and based on the Super Smash Brothers’ version of the Maxim Tomato. The idea of what to have as text was forming since the first couple days when sketching. Even though it made sense, I didn’t like how plain it was. I was hitting a wall and worked on several different shirt designs while I thought it out.

This was the point I stopped working on it:tshirt-1

I didn’t like it.

So, after a few days, several critiques, posts on facebook for suggestions, and a binge watching of the whole first season of Atlanta while experimenting with colors and half tones, I gave up at 2:30 a.m. and called it a night. The next day, I received some critiques on the design.

“What if you made the text wrap or follow the contour of the tomato?” Someone said.


Better, but not what I’m looking for.

“What if you made it a real product?” Another said. This idea started working around in my mind.

Like what? Give it a label and nutrition facts? Put it in a grocery cart? Canned tomatoes? Wait…

It hit me.

Tomato soup… Didn’t Warhol do something like this?

Once the idea finally developed in my head, all that was left was the can. Once I realized what I needed to do, the rest came easily. Circles, text boxes, and envelope distortion was all I needed to make everything look like it belonged.



Step 2 and 3


Finally, we present… the wonderful “Kirby’s Condensed Maxim Tomato Soup.”


As I said, sometimes ideas just need a while to form. Maybe they need to stew. Maybe they need to become a soup. Who knows?


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