Reverse Engineer: Mr. Gambino Gets Reverse Engineered

childish-gambinoGig Poster for Childish Gambino, Rap Artist

Let’s talk about general composition helps the eye.

First, the main subject, the stereo person, is facing toward the information (date and time etc). After being easily read with a well-chosen font, the subject and the microphone chord lead the eye up toward the middle and to the other text.

Next, the colors chosen are soft and almost pastels. There is a slight retro look to the colors and style, and for the most part, the colors are limited and help to unify the poster, and allow the single red text to stand out from the rest, telling the user what is the most important/main information. Along with the unified colors, the background of curved shapes matches the curved paths of the mic cord.

Now that we’ve talked about unity, here are some things that stuck out to me.rep-shoes

The shoes are relatively simple. The only texture added to the shoe is on the edges. It seems that since there is less texture in each object, it adds to the cartoonish feel of the design. Most of the form of the subject comes from the shadow placement and shape, along with some of the strokes added, such as below the pockets and near the zipper.

rep-shadow-stereoThe next thing is the shadow on the stereo. It seems like an odd shape because the stereo is often assumed to be a flat and straight edge, but this particular stereo has a very slight curve. Then there are a few lines inside the shadow that add a little more texture and shadow.

Last thing. Let’s look at their color palette.


This is a pretty cool thing. Although the color palette I made shows 7 colors, they used five colors for the whole design. My palette has a few repeated colors. I separated them into three parts: Background, shadow, and Highlights. And the they are placed on top of the color used as the stroke color in the design. Between the darkest and lightest warm color, there are two mid tones. The Background has only two colors, and the lighter color is used in the laces, microphone, and shoes, along with a few other places. The lighter shadow color is also used near many of the highlights. It is interesting to think that, with work, a design can go very far with just the shadow, highlight, and a couple midtones.


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