Past Photos

Welcome, everyone, to my first post about photography! I will be posting some of my projects that I am working on in my Communication class.

This is me. I perform at Open Mic Nights at the Burg in Rexburg, ID. (Photo taken by Michael Lippe)

Honestly, I don’t take pictures, so this photography thing is going to be perfect for me. I don’t feel comfortable with a camera, so that will be one of my first few goals over the next 14 weeks.

As far as image editing goes, I love Adobe Photoshop. Illustrator will always be my favorite, but I do enjoy editing images. The truth is that I have very little experience in anything to do with photography (That was always my mom’s thing. She took the pictures throughout my childhood… A lot of them!).   7 years ago, I took a digital media/graphic design class and loved it, and since then, my family sometimes came to me wanting me to edit a few images–just removing objects or touching up faces, eyes, etc.  I never felt like I knew what I was doing, but I fixed whatever little things they needed and had no problem spending hours on whatever I was working on.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past. I know I’ll be learning a lot over the next 14 weeks, so these pictures are my favorite mostly because of their subject matter and what they mean to me. I write poetry, and most of the photos I take are just simple items that symbolize whatever I am writing about.  The spinning top, for example, symbolizes how things can look great at specific moments, but you soon begin to see the top losing balance and eventually will fall. I wrote about relationships with this picture.



This is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken, probably because the nail has many symbols. This particular poem photo was about how we can sometimes treat people like projects, fixing them temporarily by driving in a nail that holds them together. Then, suddenly, we leave them. Did we really fix them? Or did we just leave another hole? If we help them by just being supportive as they work on through their trials, they sometimes fix themselves and the metaphorical nail doesn’t have to leave.


“One shot/ is all I’ve got/ but that’s alright/ I’ll aim for your heart.” ( A song about love and hope. )
Tiger No Legs Clear Close
“Never be afraid of shadows. The fears aren’t real.”


This last one was a photo I took for Humanities class. We were just focusing on Depth of field. I really only wanted to share this so that I could compare it to something similar if I find anything this semester. I had no idea what made a good photo, so I hope this will change over the next few weeks.



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