Perspective of Twelve

img_2198I went into the Spori building on campus and found one of the graphic design rooms for a bookmaking class. It was fun to take these shots and try to make things that wouldn’t seem too significant into something. It’s like showing the beauty of the unimportant. 

Took this picture for a friend
Took this picture for a friend







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  1. Hey Jon! Cool subject! The letter press is so fun! You’ll have to try it out sometime! Your last shot with the shallow depth is awesome! I love all the texture shown in it. Also your 4th and 5th picture of the box, are awesome! Great unique perspective! Even though it’s titled unfinished, I give you props for exploring for a fun subject instead of just something laying around your apt! 🙂


  2. Did you use the printing shop in the library? Your pictures are awesome! I really like the shots with the piles of letters, the depth of field makes it look really cool. I love the simplicity of the shot with just the H resting on the wood. Its simple but the lines of the wood make it more interesting and attention grabbing.

    Check out my blog:

    and I really liked Gabriel’s as well:


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