Tasteful Typography Activity

While at Bannack Ghost Town, we were challenged to take pictures and make a theme. As I walked the sidewalk and single road, I found the same item around several of the buildings. I thought it was interesting and tried to get as many perspectives of the same barrel as possible. These are some of my favorites.






typographywwatermark-6 typenowatermark-7


Today, I looked up some symbolism of this item, just to see what kinds of meaning I could add to the idea. Here’s what I found:

“Because most barrels of hand-made are, a dream of a barrel refers to the care with which the dreaming deals with his own emotional balance.  It is likely that the dreaming himself in the contents of the barrel recognizes as in the barrel himself. A barrel in the dream also refers to the talent to be able to handle creatively with raw material. If we see a barrel without ground in the dream, something is not in our mentality completely in order. Barrel in the house indicates the neglected development of a personality portion. Barrel indicates outside missing external securities. Wine casks can point to the need for more sociability and change.”

– (http://www.dreamtation.com/docs/1538.htm)

For me, personally, I guess that the barrels would mean something more along the lines of emotional balance and creativity. I try to express myself as often as possible for the sake of emotional regulation and understanding my own thoughts and feelings.

Anyway… I hope you like them. It was really hard to think of anything significant to add and practice typography for this, but I still enjoyed it.

Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to check out some other stuff that I’m more proud of, such as my lyrics and expression pages.



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