Photobook: Covers, First spread, TOC, Professional Page

Although I haven’t put in enough time to finish it, this is some of my thoughts and ideas for my front and back covers to my photobook. It is all up for more revision–my mind’s been elsewhere for the past week (I might be going crazy).

I still need to add the first spread, professional page (the about me) and the table of contents. Soon to come.


This is the general idea for my cover. I plan to revise the logo and add a little more, but that’s the general idea. Also, the font won’t be the same for my name, and I’m wanting to add the word photobook in there somewhere.

Below is the back cover. It was pretty easy to choose a photo for it because It’s by far my favorite picture I’ve ever taken, just because 0f the subject and all the symbolism that I’ve made poems about. Unintentionally, most of the stuff in this picture parallels a lot of my writing, which I find interesting.



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