Digital Imaging, Round 2 – Past Photos

Welcome, all! Thanks for coming.

That’s me, Jonathan Cattronathan. Nice to meet you.


I’ve decided to do another 14 weeks of photography–this time with more focus on creativity and thinking out of the box. The last 14 weeks were just me trying to feel comfortable. I feel less self-conscious, so I will try to enjoy myself a lot more this time around.

Some of my interests, as it says in my tagline, are music, art, and writing. I write songs and poetry constantly. I’m currently preparing to compile my poetry and make a collection of books. I have all of my writing together and now I’m just trying to choose which ones to feature in my first book. Photography will be perfect to help the book be fun–both for viewing and reading.

14 weeks ago, I began using my Canon T5 for many of the subjects that will be coming, but I was too distracted by work and other school projects to put in the work that I wanted. For image editing, I used mostly Adobe Lightroom, but also did a lot of editing in Photoshop and made a photobook with InDesign just a few weeks ago. I’ll post a video of that in just a few days here.

One of the pipes underneath an old sink at Bannack.
Bannack Ghost Town cowboy with aux lights
Water Droplet into Glass, Some Edits of Exposure


Photo taken on cell phone and edited with Snapseed App
Bannack Ghost Town church building
Barrel Theme at Bannack, Models in the background
Typesetting found in the Spori Building of BYUI Campus
Tom Aguilar, gold reflector used, Edited background of brick because there was a rain gutter coming from out of his head.
Used a flashlight to freeze the quarter while it spun. 15 second shutter speed on tripod.
30 second shutter speed. Used a bike light to make the background. Tripod and flashlight used.
Bannack Ghost Town – I loved taking pictures of this girl.
By far my favorite picture I’ve ever taken. We smashed one of my already broken guitars and then took pictures of it. Afterward, we used chemicals that burned green and not very hot. Truth is, I’m not even sure what it was, but you could dip your hand in it and light it on fire, but it wouldn’t burn your hand for about 3 seconds.
Helicopter leaves illustrating depth of field and bokeh
Gretchen Rowe, Somerset Apartments 3rd floor patio, Rexburg

I try to use Lightroom as much as I can before touching Photoshop because it’s so much faster. Some of these pictures I took before I knew about the program, so they don’t have any edits other than exposure or a few spot corrections if a tree or object looked like it was coming out of someone’s head, etc.. This semester, I plan to spend a lot more time thinking out of the box and coming up with some fun things to shoot.

These are most of my good photos up until now. I used to take pictures and not have any clue what I was doing, but I’m glad that I’ve taken classes to understand it more. Please let me know how I can improve–I’m always up for that.

I’m also always interested in fun ideas or invitations to go take pictures. Let me know. Thanks again for visiting.


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