ROUND 2: Photobook Layout

This is my plan for the photobook I will be making near the end of these 14 weeks. For my favorite photos, I will be making a few windows for the main points to show through, and to add interest. The overall feel that I want for this book is somewhat more modern. There will be more focus on the design and display of the photos, but I still want to write some poetry that deals with the pictures, as long as it doesn’t distract from the design of the book. I will probably write the poems as I make the book in Adobe InDesign during the last couple weeks.

On the bottom right, you see a few colors that I may use as the color scheme and accents to the pages. I am also considering making a background for the spreads instead of just solid black. I might mess around with typography and make some fun designs from the letters of the titles, but I will keep the dark background.

A photo from one of the models from last time I went to Bannack.

I will be considering new ways to make the windows and try out some creative ideas like making shapes of the windows — for example, what if if they weren’t just squares, but rather the window was a vector of a gun for the picture to show through? Anyway, I want to have a lot more fun with this photobook than that last time I made one.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to check out my other creative work if you have the time.


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