ROUND 2: Motion: Freeze and Blur

Metadata for Duck. Ignore time
Metadata for Car. Ignore time.


Following car while standing on the side. Took a little bit to make the car not entirely blurry.
Freeze of Smoke and Batman Duck from small fire. Speed light set to 1/4, pointing slightly at wall.

These were a lot of fun.  Mostly I just looked around the house for some things that would work and then lit some things on fire. We started with water and pouring water on to the fire so more smoke would appear.

For the car, I went out into the street and made people self conscious as I took pictures of them.


2 thoughts on “ROUND 2: Motion: Freeze and Blur

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  1. I enjoyed your photograph with the smoke I think its interesting taking a picture of something that small at a different angle. The smoke adds different movements and textures in the picture.


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