ROUND 2: Macro Photography

Macro is definitely my favorite photography style. I’m still waiting on my own lens because right now I just have the regular 18-55mm. The pencil shavings pictures were taken with a better lens that I borrowed and with a macro tube. I usually just use the screw-on filters.

“Broken Lead” While others were busy in the classroom, I looked for my favorite room in the Spori.
“A is for Aperture”
You should have seen this picture before the edits. It was way too bright. So I added a gradient, lowered the exposure, and messed with some of the whites. I’m proud of the edits, but it still is missing something.
“Leaf Bath” I couldn’t get the water droplet, but I just like the way this one turned out. Took it during golden hour, so that was fun. We raced the sun as it traveled up a hill and had to keep moving locations.
“Corn Cob Flower” I worked on this one a bit in lightroom. It was a bit dark before, but I liked all the water droplets that formed because of the spray bottle just misting it until drops formed.
“First Cliche Eye Picture” I’ve always felt like this would be cliche, but they always look cool. We used a speed light indoors.

Thanks for checking these out. Cheers.



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  1. Hey Jon! Awesome shots! I love the perspectives you found and the compositions you were able to create. That eye picture is beautiful! 😉 I also liked the cactus shot and the pencil shavings. Great work! You’re an awesome macro photographer!

    Feel free to check out my blog at:
    Also, check out Shallyn’s work at:


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