ROUND 2: Reflector Activity

This week, I’m back to messing with reflectors and portrait photography. They make a huge difference, but it’s hard to get your subject to keep from squinting.

Something that made it easier to aim the reflector is to point it at the body of the subject, then move it to their face. If you bend it so that it looks like a potato chip, it lessens the light enough that it doesn’t hurt their eyes, but still improves the photo. Personally, I like when more light is reflected, so we would have our subject close their eyes and then we would count and they would only have to struggle with the light for a couple seconds.

We went to Eagle Park in Rexburg to take these pictures. The first two are with the silver reflector, no feathering or bending, and the other two are using the gold reflector with bend, and the silver reflector.

Without Reflector
With Reflector
Silver Reflector
Gold Reflector, Slight Bending

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