ROUND 2: Portrait Photography

I only had time to do my portrait shots at around Noon… which I know is terrible for photography. So all the outdoor ones you see are at noon. I did the best I could to keep them in the shade and use the reflector in the sun. That was something cool I learned.

I edited all of these photos at least slightly. I put exposure onto their eyes and face, lessened the exposure on some of the surroundings of some of the pictures, and edited blemishes on a few. (Thanks and Sorry for pointing it out)

Thank you to all the wonderful people willing to be my models for the pictures. You all did great.

The thumbnail pictures are the originals before edits.

Grettel and Andrea, Close friends candid

Individual Candid

My wonderful Fiance, Tori
Gretchen – Indoor, Speedlight from the side – This is my favorite
original thumbnail
Outdoor with gold reflector
Bended Gold Reflector – with edits
Edits, Gold reflector
Lightroom Edits, Gold Reflector

Erin – In shade, gold reflector, slight bend
This one was very difficult to edit, but I did my best. Posed Group, diffuser, at basically true noon… why was I taking pictures?

This one we tested out a diffuser. I wish I would have taken one of him without it, but it seemed to take away some of the harsh shadow from noon. Kudos to this guy for giving me a spare SD card… mine was broken.


Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to look around.



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