ROUND 2: Bannack State Park – Themed Images

I looked around the buildings for things that stood out to me on the construction, whether it was from weather over time, or simply nature. I looked for any wallpapers that were torn and would make a good composition, floors with stains (now that I think about it… stains from what?), and the walls where the weather had caused water damage over time inside the house.

In Adobe Lightroom, I edited the photos for better exposure and emphasis on certain spots with brush exposure and sharpness to the intended focal points.

I considered how these pictures meant something to me (it’s habit by now, and sometimes a curse…) then thought of ways to express it, and in Adobe Photoshop, I added the text and shapes and lowered the opacity so that the text had a better contrast. I would like to practice other ways to not have to use the shapes and still have the text look good.

Themed images, Photo Grid Layout Practice
My theme was “Walls,” which surprisingly has a bit of meaning to me. I write a lot and focus on symbolism. Walls are actually pretty interesting things in the sense of symbolism. (Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book title and body)
Dividers and walls… seems like a divider is more easily moved and managed. But still require some effort. (Font: Euphemia UCAS Regular Body and Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book title)
Even when we protect ourselves from getting hurt, love can get past our walls and through to us. (Font: Euphemia UCAS Regular)

Thanks for checking these out. I was considering ways to use the open space for advertisements and other things. I think some of these would look pretty nice with a brand or logo on it. Maybe I’ll experiment with that in the future.


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