ROUND 2: Fine Art Print

I am printing out two of my favorite pictures from these past weeks. It has been hard to decide which pictures to print because I have a few that I like, but these two are the ones that stick out most to me. The problem was that–even though I love the compositions and subjects, I was still getting rid of some bad habits of recomposing my photos. So the lady bug is out of focus slightly. Still, this is my favorite photo because guitar is one of my few ways to escape, and the blue of my guitar is one of my favorite colors. The guitar strap is my next favorite because it’s a macro and because of the meaning and title that I gave it: “Wrap Me Around Your Shoulders.” Guitar is something that also comforts me and makes me feel safe and calm. Both of the pictures were taken in front of my apartment in Rexburg, Idaho at about 10am.

Some of the edits I made for printing were sharpness, exposure, and removing some of the yellow color of the bridge and pins on the right. I also removed some of the scratches of the guitar from strumming and playing it recently. I love this image, even with its imperfections and the bad habit of recomposing that I used to have. On the strap, I just changed the exposure and sharpness, and some saturation and contrast.

Also, I changed the size to 24 inches from about 21 inches, and the resolution to 150ppi from 200ppi with the bicubic sharper selection.


Edited for print
Original picture
Edited for large format

Video explanation of guitar strap:


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