ROUND 2: Contest Submissions

Photo Crowd was a website I found that will be very beneficial for me as I improve my photography skills.  The website is:

It was simple to make an entry. All I had to do was create an account and vote on a few others’ entries and rate them what I think they earned. It encouraged me to keep doing this, but said that I could now make my own entries and continue voting. After that, I was able to upload my picture (whether from my computer or another source) and then write a little about it. The deadline will come up sometime in the next couple weeks and I will be able to see the results and vote.

I chose this contest because they are all free, for one, but also because I can continually challenge myself to win them. There are so many different contests every week on this website, that I will continually have ideas for what to take pictures of and continue brainstorming how I can work in that topic of contest.

These were the submissions that I did on July 6, 2017:

Levitation Contest Submission: Tell us the story behind the image: Bannack Ghost Town
What were the technical challenges? We put her too close to the wall, so the shadow from the stool was showing. Describe any post-processing or retouching: Also, she had her feet showing, but you couldn’t see the bottom of her feet, so we removed them. We had her standing on a stool and took the image then took one without her or the stool so that we could edit out the stool.

Submitted to Masterful Macro: Tell us the story behind the image: I love art and writing. I had my macro tubes with me and found some shavings sitting around in one of the rooms at BYU-Idaho. What were the technical challenges? I had to move the paper that it was sitting on near a light source. There was a window nearby, so I put it there. Describe any post-processing or retouching Very light exposure change on the shaving and the tip of the broken lead.

Submitted to “Dark Portrait” contest: Tell us the story behind the image: I have always loved contrasted light on someone’s face in photos. To me, it all seems symbolic because it makes me feel that although people have a side that you can see clearly, there is a lot more that you can’t, or that they hide. So, one side is light, one side is shadow. What were the technical challenges? An obstacle in this instance was getting her in focus and using the light source. I took this picture with a corded trigger and standing off to the side with a light source stretched out in my hand. We took a few shots to get it lighted how I wanted. Describe any post-processing or retouching: I did some exposure edits to her face and left side of the body, and darkened the right side slightly.

As you can see, this website was relatively simple and straightforward. There are so many competitions that you could keep taking pictures for a while and still have more to submit. There were a lot of different things to compete for, as well, so look into those and find something that excites you! Good luck!



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