My Stickers: Music, Medicine, and Chicken

lizard1 lizard2 lizard3 lizard4 lizard5 lizard6 lizard7-maybe lizard8final-jpeg
My goal in this project was to create some stickers that relate to me and show a part of who I am. When  I sat down to brainstorm, the first thing was a gecko. Then music. So I combined the two.


The music and band aid started because at work, I pass meds and do other small medical things for the clients I take care of. So, music and medicine.jpeg-sticker-1

The bomb chicken came from a conversation that my brother and I were having while I was in the long and tedious process with the pen tool. We were talking about adobe illustrator being a great program. I said “Dude, Illustrator is the best. It is the bomb… chicken.” (chicken was an inside joke and completely unrelated)

Then my mind went crazy and I started drawing what a “bomb chicken” would look like.


This Project was definitely the most fun for me. I looked at a lot of pictures of geckos, iguanas, and other animals to get a general idea of their shapes and what makes them recognizable. My first attempt was just following a picture the best I could, but it wasn’t what I wanted.

I tried several other methods, but found that the best was just to look for bits and pieces of the lizards and then draw that part of the body, but modified to the position that I wanted. I drew out a few different animals, including an iguana and a crocodile, but I will have to pursue the iguana and crocodile in the near future.


After I had prepared the sketches as a base for the digital, I started making the shapes. Nearly all of my shapes were made with the pen tool, so nearly all of them are organic, which was very time consuming, but definitely a great way to learn how shadow can change the 3d feel of something on a 2d plane.

First attempt of gecko from a different sketch. Guitar was traced from a picture I took of myself.

The reason that these three items are related and I consider them a set is because all three things are symbolic to me.

Band Aid – music is very important to me and is a “bandage for my soul.”

Chicken – my childhood. My parents give me things like pillowcases and hot pads with chickens on them because of the inside joke that my family refers to a lot.

Geckos – an animal that I relate to. I write poetry, and I often refer to how a gecko can let go of its tail, which is like my natural flight response which I am trying to improve. Sometimes I leave a piece of me with the person I am running from.

Although they seem very random, I feel that they meet my goal in showing some of who I am. That’s what’s important to me.

Thanks for reading.


My Gig Poster: Backwards to Paradise – Smell the Roses


This project was painful. There was a total of 4 times restarting until finally, I was able to feel confident to move forward. A whole week was spent deciding how to go about expressing this idea.

Backwards to Paradise would be a Rap infused Rocktronic band, heavily focused on lyrics and symbolism. One of the main inspirations in this design was the band Lovedrug, which is a mix of a few different genres. Muse and Radiohead are some of their influences.

In order for you to understand the pain in this process, I would like to simply share where I was at the end of the first week.


The reason I was only this far was because of this obstacle:


How can I make this hair turn into a wave, and then where do I go from here? And how do I make this mess be less of a mess?

The thing that I found most odd was that the only thing missing was to start adding text, and giving the design some shape. Once I had the general idea of the layout for the band name, location, etc. I was able to start forming the rest.

I had made this flower by looking at a photo, then started on some clouds. I wanted it to be struck by lightning. It was my fourth idea that I found to be somewhat of a cop out, but I was worried that I would never commit. I also gave up on this idea because I hated where it was going. But it paid off in the end. This flower was used in the final.


Sometimes you have to take a strange path to get to where you need to go. Sometimes starting over is needed so that it can all come together, and finally you can use what you have learned or made and add those ideas to your original idea, which was fine in the first place, but just needed some time to grow and mature.

My T-Shirt Design: Tomatoes Are The Worst Unless They’re From Dream Land

The Maxim Tomato

Original Maxim Tomato from SNES “Kirby’s Dream Land” 
Consumption of this tomato causes full recovery of health.


I have found that ideas appear at random moments 6-tomatoand require some time to form. These were some of the steps taken to form this tomato from Kirby’s Dream Land and based on the Super Smash Brothers’ version of the Maxim Tomato. The idea of what to have as text was forming since the first couple days when sketching. Even though it made sense, I didn’t like how plain it was. I was hitting a wall and worked on several different shirt designs while I thought it out.

This was the point I stopped working on it:tshirt-1

I didn’t like it.

So, after a few days, several critiques, posts on facebook for suggestions, and a binge watching of the whole first season of Atlanta while experimenting with colors and half tones, I gave up at 2:30 a.m. and called it a night. The next day, I received some critiques on the design.

“What if you made the text wrap or follow the contour of the tomato?” Someone said.


Better, but not what I’m looking for.

“What if you made it a real product?” Another said. This idea started working around in my mind.

Like what? Give it a label and nutrition facts? Put it in a grocery cart? Canned tomatoes? Wait…

It hit me.

Tomato soup… Didn’t Warhol do something like this?

Once the idea finally developed in my head, all that was left was the can. Once I realized what I needed to do, the rest came easily. Circles, text boxes, and envelope distortion was all I needed to make everything look like it belonged.



Step 2 and 3


Finally, we present… the wonderful “Kirby’s Condensed Maxim Tomato Soup.”


As I said, sometimes ideas just need a while to form. Maybe they need to stew. Maybe they need to become a soup. Who knows?

My Photorealistic Watch Design


This was the final outcome (for now) of a watch made from scratch. I took a lot of screenshots to show the process of most of it. At the end of each day, I “reported” my work by posting it on social media and getting a little feedback.

Part 1: Layout


The first day was just a lot of getting things organized. It was difficult to know where to start. The first thing that came to my head is to start with the things that don’t move, which were the tick marks. So, I pieced it all together and it slowly started to make more sense.

Part 2: Add colors and shadows, Handsday-2-report

This was the least productive “day.” I spent a lot of time adjusting things and making some parts smaller or just a different color. I made the logo to replace the company’s logo.

Part 3: Finish Inside, Work On Outside


Finally started doing the outer portions

After removing the extra pieces


And Finally,

Add Gradient Highlights and Shadows



Project 8: Brochure



front brochure
Front, closed
inside brochure
Inside, open
back brochure


A two sided (offset) folding brochure.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):

After an hour or so of making sketches of a logo, I brought the design to Illustrator and used the pen tool and ellipse tool to make the shapes.  I sketched a few designs on paper for the layout and finally settled on one that I knew would be frustrating to me, but I was interested in trying to make it work. After making the layout in Adobe InDesign, I added in the actual content.

I used a few custom shapes in InDesign with the pen tool for the inside. The images I used were intended to display the products and services available.

For the guitar and drum set, I used Adobe Photoshop’s ‘quick selection tool’ to edit out the backgrounds and masking tool and paint brush to select a better edge.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign/Adobe Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop

Message: The products and services that Guitar World can provide.

Audience: Musicians, All skill levels, those looking for instruments or lessons.

Top Thing Learned: Text wraping in InDesign.

Color scheme and color names: Big Split Complementary: Teal, Gold, Indigo, Violet

Title Font Name & Category: Quaint Gothic SG OT – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Calibri – Sans Serif

Word count: 278 words

Thumbnails of Images used:

Sources (Links to images on original websites):



Project 7: Web Page


This is a webpage for showcasing my personal logo.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills):
I created this web page with Notepad++.  I had very little experience with HTML/CSS before this project. I was able to see how things can come together with just text. There are a lot of different options in what you can do with CSS, so I’ll be happily learning more about it.

First, we made the general content and design for the page by writing about our logo process in HTML, then inserted my image. After, we attached a pre-made CSS document as external styling. I changed the colors to the webpage to match my scheme. I had to use Photoshop and the eyedropper tool. I changed fonts, and added a few other shapes by using DIV’s and learning what I can do with those. I centered the logo and experimented with columns for the text and also how to make a NAV for the page. I learned how to make the nav and get it on the page, but was unsuccessful in making it look how I wanted. I will work on this later, so for now, I have it commented on my CSS, so it is not on this screenshot.

Programs/Tools Used: TextWrangler & Photoshop

Message: This is something that represents me.

Audience: Anyone who is interested in the skills that I have to offer in design, art, writing, or music.

Top Thing Learned: How to add shapes to a design and how to change fonts, borders, etc.

Color scheme and color hex: Monochromatic Lime Green #A4C421;  White #FFFFFF; Black #000000; Grey #666666, #444444, #333333

Title Font Families & Category: (all names)  “Palatino Linotype”, “Book Antiqua3”, “Palatino6”, serif

Copy Font Families & Category: (all names) “Abadi MT Condensed”,  “Geneva”, sans-serif

Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families, the colors in order to coordinate with my logo, I added an extra div shape and subtitle, and a second picture at the bottom of the page.  I started on a NAV also, but left it out for the final.

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