ROUND 2: Top 5 Images

I need to pick an image to print in large format. I have chosen a few of my favorites and need your vote to help me decide. Leave your vote in the poll below! (or in the comments)


#1 – Blue Sea Bug

#2 – More Bass, More Treble

#3 – Wrap Me Around Your Shoulders

#4 – Secure Sound

#5 – A Long Road Traveled

ROUND 2: Photobook: Covers, First spread, TOC, Professional Page

This week, I started on my photobook. Here are the Covers, First spread, TOC, and my Professional Page/Bio. I really like the bio page, but I might mess around more with my covers and the spread layout because they’re both pretty basic.

Front Cover

Back Cover

Alternate Front Cover – let me know your vote… 

Table of Contents

Professional Page

First Spread… actually, it’s the second.

So this is what I have so far. I know that there will be a lot more changes and better design as I consider ways to show off the photos in a more creative way. For now, this is what I have. Thanks for checking it out.

ROUND 2: Bannack State Park – Themed Images

I looked around the buildings for things that stood out to me on the construction, whether it was from weather over time, or simply nature. I looked for any wallpapers that were torn and would make a good composition, floors with stains (now that I think about it… stains from what?), and the walls where the weather had caused water damage over time inside the house.

In Adobe Lightroom, I edited the photos for better exposure and emphasis on certain spots with brush exposure and sharpness to the intended focal points.

I considered how these pictures meant something to me (it’s habit by now, and sometimes a curse…) then thought of ways to express it, and in Adobe Photoshop, I added the text and shapes and lowered the opacity so that the text had a better contrast. I would like to practice other ways to not have to use the shapes and still have the text look good.

Themed images, Photo Grid Layout Practice

My theme was “Walls,” which surprisingly has a bit of meaning to me. I write a lot and focus on symbolism. Walls are actually pretty interesting things in the sense of symbolism. (Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book title and body)

Dividers and walls… seems like a divider is more easily moved and managed. But still require some effort. (Font: Euphemia UCAS Regular Body and Bodoni 72 Oldstyle Book title)

Even when we protect ourselves from getting hurt, love can get past our walls and through to us. (Font: Euphemia UCAS Regular)











Thanks for checking these out. I was considering ways to use the open space for advertisements and other things. I think some of these would look pretty nice with a brand or logo on it. Maybe I’ll experiment with that in the future.

ROUND 2: Bannack Best: FINE ART – non-portraits

These are my non-portrait images that I took at Bannack Ghost Town. Thanks for checking out my blog.

HDR Photo – Bracketed image with cropping and rotation



No edits, Natural Lighting

No Edits

This was a shoe I found on one of the porches. It was kinda gross to touch but I moved it to a good place for a better background – Some in-camera editing

Black and White edit in Lightroom, slight edits to contrast

ROUND 2: Bannack Best: Portraits

We went to Bannack Ghost Town in Jackson, Montana last Friday with a few people dressed up in western outfits. Bannack itself is just beautiful for photography, but these models did a fantastic job.

These portraits have edits to exposure, and some saturation or contrast in Adobe Lightroom, and a couple, such as the 1st and 3rd have some in camera edits.

Natural Light, Reflector, Some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

Natural Light, Reflector, Some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

Off Camera Strobe, some in-camera edits, some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

Strobe, Reflector, Camera mounted speed light to trigger strobe, some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

Light Source: Strobe and Camera mounted Speedlight pointed 45 degrees to trigger flash, some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

Ghost Portrait of Michael, 5 Second Exposure, Natural Light, some exposure edits in Adobe Lightroom

ROUND 2: Portrait Photography

I only had time to do my portrait shots at around Noon… which I know is terrible for photography. So all the outdoor ones you see are at noon. I did the best I could to keep them in the shade and use the reflector in the sun. That was something cool I learned.

I edited all of these photos at least slightly. I put exposure onto their eyes and face, lessened the exposure on some of the surroundings of some of the pictures, and edited blemishes on a few. (Thanks and Sorry for pointing it out)

Thank you to all the wonderful people willing to be my models for the pictures. You all did great.

The thumbnail pictures are the originals before edits.

Grettel and Andrea, Close friends candid

Individual Candid

My wonderful Fiance, Tori


Gretchen – Indoor, Speedlight from the side – This is my favorite

original thumbnail

Outdoor with gold reflector

Bended Gold Reflector – with edits

Edits, Gold reflector

Lightroom Edits, Gold Reflector

Erin – In shade, gold reflector, slight bend

This one was very difficult to edit, but I did my best. Posed Group, diffuser, at basically true noon… why was I taking pictures?

This one we tested out a diffuser. I wish I would have taken one of him without it, but it seemed to take away some of the harsh shadow from noon. Kudos to this guy for giving me a spare SD card… mine was broken.


Thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to look around.


ROUND 2: Reflector Activity

This week, I’m back to messing with reflectors and portrait photography. They make a huge difference, but it’s hard to get your subject to keep from squinting.

Something that made it easier to aim the reflector is to point it at the body of the subject, then move it to their face. If you bend it so that it looks like a potato chip, it lessens the light enough that it doesn’t hurt their eyes, but still improves the photo. Personally, I like when more light is reflected, so we would have our subject close their eyes and then we would count and they would only have to struggle with the light for a couple seconds.

We went to Eagle Park in Rexburg to take these pictures. The first two are with the silver reflector, no feathering or bending, and the other two are using the gold reflector with bend, and the silver reflector.

Without Reflector

With Reflector

Silver Reflector

Gold Reflector, Slight Bending

ROUND 2: Macro Photography

Macro is definitely my favorite photography style. I’m still waiting on my own lens because right now I just have the regular 18-55mm. The pencil shavings pictures were taken with a better lens that I borrowed and with a macro tube. I usually just use the screw-on filters.

“Broken Lead” While others were busy in the classroom, I looked for my favorite room in the Spori.

“A is for Aperture”

You should have seen this picture before the edits. It was way too bright. So I added a gradient, lowered the exposure, and messed with some of the whites. I’m proud of the edits, but it still is missing something.

“Leaf Bath” I couldn’t get the water droplet, but I just like the way this one turned out. Took it during golden hour, so that was fun. We raced the sun as it traveled up a hill and had to keep moving locations.

“Corn Cob Flower” I worked on this one a bit in lightroom. It was a bit dark before, but I liked all the water droplets that formed because of the spray bottle just misting it until drops formed.

“First Cliche Eye Picture” I’ve always felt like this would be cliche, but they always look cool. We used a speed light indoors.

Thanks for checking these out. Cheers.


ROUND 2: Perspective of 12

I loved taking these pictures. I just went out somewhat earlier than my procrastinating self normally does and just kept shooting. Then this little lady bug landed on my guitar and I yelled for a roommate to come hold the guitar up while I got a few with the bug. I have some edits to exposure and also to sharpness, such as on the strings and the ladybug on “Blue Sea Bug.”

Collage of 8 other perspectives

“Head Stock”

“Great Vibe”

“Wrap Me Around Your Shoulders”

“Blue Sea Bug”