Original Poem: Make America America’s Friend Again

Better to steer clear of these fake friends that want to be my frenemies,
But these people turning on each other seems to me to be that they must be no friend of me
Words burning holes in their hearts, killing the peace between us with bitter thoughts
So why are we building hatred?
Whatever happened to stifling racism?
Are we even trying anymore?
Seems like this election started up some kind of twisted war
Where people misinterpret and think it okay to slam doors
Metaphorically in each others faces and no questions asked, putting the “mine before yours.”

We wave a flag to surrender our empty hands
To a better cause to “Make America peaceful again”
I’m not saying its anyone’s fault that all this started
I’m only saying that it’s our responsibility to not be a part of it.

I solemnly proclaim that my intention and aim
Is never to cheat, steal, lie, or even to manipulate and get gain
Should be saying, “Everyone, I love you.” So Does that really seem strange?
Ain’t the whole purpose of unity to be a part of the same game instead of playing a blame game that leads to a defame chain such as a name shame?

If United we stand, our States could stand tall but now we are all back on the ground now, decelerated with hatred, slowing down to a slow crawl.

So when we turn on each other we become divided, and all we need to do is stop fighting,
Put our enemies in different light, maybe then we’ll check the sights
Understand that we weren’t right, and finally re-aim and find that our fear is what held flight,
We could have found friends instead of snuffing out the only one fire in a cold night

Honestly and quite frankly, a few of my friends aren’t even from here,
A couple others are close to me, but judged “for being some queer”
But way things are headed is You and Me forgetting
That we’re all individuals facing the same issues

Love, family, money, and only living by each week,
Food, Shelter, and Clothing is all we need, but is it really all that human if we turn the other cheek?
Some people look the other way, Dish dirt and feed ’em it
So, through painful words and actions, it isn’t them alone now hurtin’ then is it?

You’ve been hurting inside now, too, just expressing a different way
Than a bruise on your cheek or a scab on your face
I’m sure somebody before you didn’t treat you right
So now you pass it on like you’re paying it back now, right?

Please take a second and reconsider yours and their rights
Maybe reflect a moment on how you could follow a different life
Maybe consider the ones that you’ve been abusing and accusing of stealing your second source of paying for your dinner tonight?

Listen, I apologize if you took this literal, (this rhyme, it’s hardly lyrical)
Because I never meant to get hypocritical or so political
But it seemed so sensible to be over comprehensible and speak clear for you to see on how we could all use a little bit more empathy

And empathy,
It’s a friendly thing.
And a friend of you
Is a friend of me.

So regardless of the way we see,

Just promise me,
You’ll at least pretend to be.

on “Not political. Just promotional. #MakeAmericaAmericasFriendAgain

(Design by Me, Photo from Unsplash.com)



Original Poem: About The Pieces

From the start, her body never even turned toward me.
Like she never really wanted to have any form of interaction between us.
“I’d like you to meet such and such.”
“Hi,” is all I can manage to get out;
I’m doing my best to read your body language.
Either nervous and timid, or she just doesn’t care.

Either way, I do my best to offer her bits of myself, willing to be put out in the open.
Maybe she’ll accept the pieces.

Instead they sit patiently on the table, and she stares.

She gets up to leave.
My head falls to one side and my eyebrows scrunch together.
I’ve never been in this situation before…
Do I just leave these here on the table for everyone to see?
Will she come back to pick them up, or is she ignoring them altogether?

I let out a small sigh as I accept the situation I’m in.

She doesn’t care about the pieces.
Why would she ever put them back together?

Months later, after my pieces have all up and gone,
A piece of me comes softly toward her.
It taps her on the shoulder.
She turns her head, and smiles with her mouth.

And she stares right back at me.
Then, from nothing,
She says it.
No expression on her face.
Just a word.


you thought something had changed?

So I let out one last sigh that feels like a final goodbye.

on “If you can’t accept a single piece of me, how can I ever offer you all of who I am?”

**Note from the author**
It’s easy to misunderstand this one. I think of a couple different situations where people would relate. It could deal with being interested in someone who isn’t, but it can also be about someone who is difficult to help. Even though we know we should keep offering the help, sometimes you wonder why you offer. You can’t force them or push them too much.
But you can at least offer something to let them know that you’re there. Who knows? Maybe it’s making a difference.

(Photo by Me)


Original Song: I Will Give The Best Of Me


Failure after failure, we sometimes feel we aren’t capable of something. Later, we lose our motivation and want to give up.  Some people look to religion, and some people look to those around them for support. Either way, there is almost always someone who is willing to help a friend in need.  This post is an original song called  “I Will Give The Best Of Me.”  The lyrics are posted on the youTube page and written below.  Enjoy!


I wrote an acoustic guitar song about a close friend who was going through trouble and finding herself inadecuate.  She often feels that she falls short of what she wants to be, so I wrote this to help her remember that there is always someone to help her accomplish what she needs after she gives her best efforts.  Please feel free to leave comments here or on youtube. I would be more than happy to consider any comments or suggestions to improve the song or even my songwriting abilty.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m enough
Sometimes I feel out of touch
So I guess the only
Thing to say is
I need your love

Hey you, you’re right in front of me
I’m sorry, for the things I’ve done
I’m sorry, so I’m here to right my wrongs
I hope it’s not too late….

I´m not like other people
I cant be who you want me to be
You love me no matter what I do
So how can I ever live up to you
I know I give my best but
Sometimes I get depressed
I can do all I can
Will you make up the rest?

I sometimes look at who I am
And I get so angry
I start to wonder where to turn
And I find it’s right in front of me
So I guess the only thing to say is
I need your love

Hey child, right in front of me
I want you to know that I’m listening
And what you’ve done
Is something you’re not
So lift yourself up
Put yourself back on your feet
It’s time to come home
To me
And just so you know
It’s not too late.

Original Song: Hay Esperanza En La Ancla (There’s Hope In The Anchor)


Some days are harder than others. As the time goes on, we feel that we are getting weaker, but we forget that it is actually the opposition that makes us stronger.  Life will always be worth its ups and downs because those are the things that strengthen us over time.

View it on Youtube

(See Lyrics Below)

I heard a story about a man who, on his way to work, spotted a small tree that started growing on the side of a hill with frequent heavy wind.  Every day, the wind pressed on the tree and pushed as it bent until nearly buckling.  It seemed that the tree should have been torn out of its impossible home.  Soon, the man began to ask himself what kept that tree in place so well. One day, he decided to hike up the hill to investigate.

As he approached the lookout that was just above the skinny tree, the wind nearly blew off his favorite black golf hat. After a surprised grab to his head, he continued to walk toward the edge. He could see the tips of the branches.  Green as any other tree, he saw no difference.  He pushed his chest up to the railing and bent down toward the tree and stared at the trunk.  It was just like any other tree of its type.  So what could have made the difference?  How was it so strong and able to withstand that heavy wind?

He looked at the dirt and hardened earth that was around the tree’s trunk.  As he squinted, he began to see darker spots where the earth appeared to be raised. The dark lines reached out a great distance around the tree, and some even stuck above the surface of the dirt. Suddenly  he stretched out his neck and tilted his head in wonder.  Are those… roots?

Of course.  It made sense.  The constant work that the tree had to put forward while it was growing must have encouraged the tree to strengthen himself since its early years.  Its roots dug and grew well into the earth and tried to cover as much of the land that it could in the hard ground.  It wasn’t the greatest of locations for a tree to grow, but nature did what it could, and the tree continued to stand as an emblem that location doesn’t decide one’s inner strength.

This song was written to help us remember that there are many factors that are overlooked when we need strength.  Sometimes we just need to remember who is around and what we already know that will help us keep moving forward through the wind or the struggle.

Think of the things in your own life as you listen to this song: What are my anchors? Where can I find strength?

I invite you to ponder this thought and post a couple in the comments section.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

So you say
You left me all alone
Hanging on the edge of love
So you say…
And you said
Your’re dreaming of yourself
You’re flying through these crowded streets of life
But you’re not alone

Because I’ve seen angels
They’ve lifted me before
And a hundred miles to
Walk with them doesn’t
Seem that far to go
And everyone is on your side
Their faith in you is full
There’s a lot of prayer going out for you
So don’t give up your hope

So in stead,
You’re hearing all these sounds
You feel like there’s a cloud of pain
But inside,
There’s only fear to find
So look out for a helping hand and fight
Hold on tight

Just In time
You’re helping all your friends
In a moment of such desperate need
You’re there
lifting up their hands
Just in time
I know you lifted mine

You were my Angel
You lifted up my world
And all the while I’ve felt your love
Now it means much more
I could feel the change ease my pain
And heal my wounded soul
You were there when I needed you
I was the heart you stole

A Couple of Lines Is The Beginning of Everything


In visual art and written art, it all starts with a couple lines.

When a picture must be drawn, the first two marks on the page decide the scale of the drawing.

When direction is unsure, and the ideas are coming to a close, sometimes all you need is to put the pen to the page and start writing, drawing, or putting words together to form a few lines.

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking when all we need to do is get up and go to work.

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